since 1883

Baertschi, the innovative traditional Swiss company based in Hüswil, has taken the road to the future with its strategic orientation towards sustainable agriculture. As early as 1967 Baertschi exhibited its "Tornado” rotary harrow and thus created the pattern for a whole generation of machines, which now are produced by countless other agricultural machinery manufacturers. For several decades, the focus at Baertschi has been on machines for special cultural situations, such as vegetable farming, nursery gardens, vineyards or the production of beers and vegetables, etc. which brought gains in terms of efficiency.


Delivery of the first FOBRO Mobil D70 with full hydrostatic 4-wheel drive, 50HP sturdy power take-off (for bed cultivators) and application management.

Building permit issued for refurbishment of buildings and extension of production area for special vehicles (extension of the production building).

The strategic partnership agreed with Kress & CO (Fobro-Kress GmbH) in 2011 was dissolved. Both companies once again traded independently on the market. Baertschi concentrated on its own products which it had developed with high investment in the last three years. In addition the path was clear for Baertschi to sell via dealers, so new marketing was undertaken via dealers.

Collaboration with Friedrich Wenz GmbH (Eco-Dyn) GER, development work for the prototype Weco-Dyn and an international research project in the area of “healthy ground development, direct sowing”. Baertschi is the new production partner and worldwide sales partner for the Friedrich Wenz range of ground cultivation machines.


Baertschi wrote a new chapter of success with the associated subsidiary Hinterland International, and together with three other companies FOBRO has set the objective of assisting a new concept of a tractor on stilts to help achieve a breakthrough. The consolidated expertise of the participating companies is concentrated in OHARD. The OHARD is versatile and ideal for vineyards, asparagus and orchard fruit, where it replaces between three and five narrow-track tractors. The OHARD is suitable for hillsides up to ten per cent and inclines up to 30 per cent.

Baertschi has developed a range for forestry applications (FOBRO = FOrst Baum ROden). One focus is on clearance machines; automatic 5-row clamp fitting clearers which have been in development since 2010 have been produced as a standard machine since 2012.

Bärtschi-FOBRO AG entered into a strategic partnership with Kress & Co. GmbH in Riet, with the aim of subsequently becoming a single company. As a consequence of this collaboration, two companies both traded under the name “FOBRO-Kress“. On this basis a partnership was concluded six years ago. FOBRO-Kress GmbH based in Riet (D) sells FOBRO products as its own to customers outside Switzerland.


Collaboration with Althaus AG, Ersigen OekoSem IV sales for Switzerland. In the area of ground cultivation solutions for export, certain multi-bed and single-bed machines set the tone throughout. The latest highlight is the OekoSem IV strip cultivation machine with central drive, which effectively reduces soil erosion.


Within 7 months, BAERTSCHI developed and built for MSD GmbH 2 “MSD A600” steaming robots, one a mobile steam generator designed for one to five beds and a mobile steam mixer. The steaming robot won the following award:

For the automatic steaming machine, MSD GmbH received the GERMAN INNOVATION PRIZE, 2011 from the Federal German government.


The company was renamed Bärtschi FOBRO in 1994.


The roots of BAERTSCHI go back to the year 1883, when the Bärtschi family in Ufhusen near Lucerne started as blacksmiths, and quickly acquired a dominant position for horseshoes amongst other products. In this sector the company grew to become the market leader in Switzerland. Further milestones included the manufacture or attachments for Ford tractors, and the invention of the rotary harrow and of the agitated lifting machine, patented throughout Europe.

Machines ensuring sustained high yields

We develop and produce machines for sustainable agriculture, aimed at securing sustained agricultural yields. Our customers use BAERTSCHI machines to save operations and costs, thereby increasing their profit. In addition these machines contribute significantly to healthier ground, people and animals, and also reduce water consumption and CO2 emissions.