Nursery gardens


The name FOBRO stands for FOrst, BAum, ROthe. Tree nursery technology is one or the original Baertschi areas of competence. On the basis of this proven Fobro technology we are constantly moving into new areas of application. Let us advise you; we have the right solution for you.

  1. For bare-root clearance
  2. Robust, adapted and proven
  3. With pick-up for efficient harvesting
FOBRO 2000 bed clearer

The FOBRO 2000 Bed clearer is best suited for all clearance operations for plants without a ball root. The well-known unique FOBRO clearance technology proves itself every day in the industry. The result is a method of operation which is proven in service and which combines up-to-date technology with the experience of countless professional users.

FOBRO Super Max bed grubber

The FOBRO Super Max bed grubber is the follow-up model to the FOBRO Super HD, which has many years of successful use behind it. Experience gathered during this time has been implemented in this machine in order to optimise it.

FOBRO Start bed grubber

The FOBRO Start is intended for clearing young plants that have not formed a ball, such as strawberries, perennials, decorative trees and forest trees, shallow-rooted seasoning herbs and medicinal herbs, various kinds of vegetables, and much more. The method of operation (identical to the heavier models) has been known for many years and is still proven today in thousands of nursery gardens.


The FOBRO Pick-Up system is a further development of the FOBRO Combine. Brought up to date but still simple and robust, remaining true to the successful formula.

Plants such as asparagus roots are picked up very gently. At the top end of the pick-up collector, the pick-up tines retract via a specially controlled curve. In this way no crushing whatsoever can occur. Thanks to the slow gentle principle of operation, wear is extremely low.

FOBRO Oscillator

FOBRO Oscillator, the side lifting tool for high row cultivation. This clearance tool has proven itself for years in daily use on the heaviest duties, in small and large nursery gardens.

Bare-rooted plants such as avenue trees, broad-leaved trees, conifers, shrubs, roses, fruit trees and many others are gently lifted with a minimum of force and energy.

Machines ensuring sustained high yields

We develop and produce machines for sustainable agriculture, aimed at securing sustained agricultural yields. Our customers use BAERTSCHI machines to save operations and costs, thereby increasing their profit. In addition these machines contribute significantly to healthier ground, people and animals, and also reduce water consumption and CO2 emissions.