Seed sowing

For sowing in rows

For the classic application of the Oekosem strip cultivator for sowing maize and sugar beet seed in the spring, Baertschi offers the proven pneumatic single-grain machine MASCAR MAXI DRILL. This drill is specifically configured for the Oeksoem.

The Baertschi DUO DRILL offers you a seed drill for double rowing sowing of crops such as rape seed, quinoa, sorghum or the establishment of ground fertilisation in combination with turning over maize stubble.

  1. Combined ground preparation and sowing
  2. Row cultivation for erosion protection
  3. All-year-round utilisation of the Oekosem
Baertschi Duo Drill

The Duo-Drill for rape seed, maize, soya, sunflowers, sorghum, sugar beet, cabbage, quinoa etc. Combined with two row fertiliser spreaders for special cultivation applications with separate ground drive. The Duo-Drill can be combined with the Baertschi hoeing machine and designed to a modular system.

This makes the Oekosem into a machine that is utilised all year round.

Mascar MAXI Drille

The Mascar Maxi pneumatic single-grain sowing machine is a drill which was developed for agricultural contractors. The version which Baertschi offers is also optimised for mounting on the Oekosem strip cultivator. With the disc coulter, the compression rollers and for certain versions the electronic single-row monitoring and/or single row cut-out, the Mascar Maxi satisfies all the requirements for continuous efficient and professional use in practice.

Machines ensuring sustained high yields

We develop and produce machines for sustainable agriculture, aimed at securing sustained agricultural yields. Our customers use BAERTSCHI machines to save operations and costs, thereby increasing their profit. In addition these machines contribute significantly to healthier ground, people and animals, and also reduce water consumption and CO2 emissions.