For use for non-turning ground cultivation and direct sowing of cereals, soya, peas, beans, lupins, rape seed, grass, clover, base fertiliser quantities, maize etc. in combination with fertiliser additives

  1. Unploughed ground cultivation
  2. 3D seed and fertiliser application
  3. All-in-One
WecoDyn 3P

The seminal 3-point variant with direct seed sowing has all options available, up to a third seed tank and double disc coulters. Manoeuvrable machine with rear attachment.

WecoGrubb 3P

Entry-level model with large frame suitable for all future attachment options. The grubber can fully exploit the advantages with exchangeable coulter width and three-bar coulter arrangement. In combination with integral deep loosener the ground can be optimally cultivated after the cereal, rape seed or maize harvest has been collected. Suitable for breaking up seeded grassland.


Cutter cylinder for effective rolling down, bending over or cutting standing ground cover in combination with a following direct seeding machine. Available in working widths 3.20 m, 3.00 m and 2.65 m.

WecoDyn Plus

The full version with all the options. Equipped with double disc coulters. Also permits direct seed sowing options via seed drills on the coulters and direct seed drills for the classic drilled seed with double disc coulters.

WecoDyn Pull

The pulled version also permits further equipment to be attached to the machine via the 3-point hitch. These may be a roller for seeded grassland sowing or double disc coulters for the drilled seed.


Very small component for use as light-weight precision grubber for precise flat work. The click system allows the coulter widths to be exchanged, so that the entire area can be peeled if necessary. Can also be set for hoeing rows of crops, e.g. after seeding with maize using a strip cultivator.


Designed as a solo machine for attachment to the front and rear, the 3-point attachment can be combined with other devices.

Machines ensuring sustained high yields

We develop and produce machines for sustainable agriculture, aimed at securing sustained agricultural yields. Our customers use BAERTSCHI machines to save operations and costs, thereby increasing their profit. In addition these machines contribute significantly to healthier ground, people and animals, and also reduce water consumption and CO2 emissions.